In Memorium

Farhad (Fred) Mirian was larger than life. For many who knew him, its hard to imagine that his life was cut short so abruptly. Always the optimist, he never thought anything bad would happen. After his first heart attack, he would always brag about how he had gotten a second birthday, and how nothing could touch him. Farhad truly and deeply cared about those around him, no matter who the person was. This love for people translated into his job as a businessman, where he spent countless hours helping others find a love for photography, a love that he curated for decades.

Farhad also deeply loved his family. He was a devout husband and father, going above and beyond to set the foundation of success for his family. In addition, he was a loving son, brother, and uncle. Family meant everything to Farhad, and he showed that in his actions, doing anything and everything for them. While he may be gone, his memories, laughter, and smile lives on.

If you had the fortune of knowing Farhad, please celebrate his memory by loving those around you deeply and truthfully each day, as Farhad did.

If you have photos or memories that you would like to share with his family, please send them to farhadmiriansmemory@gmail.com.

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